Darkpotato's current skin.

Darkpotato5, or Dark (also called DP, but don't say that 'round the kiddies), is a regular member of the Tumblrcrack server.


DP is a regular member of the Tumblrcrack server, requesting whitelist a few weeks after the creation of the server. He is a known fan of PyroPuncher and VintageBeef.

Relationships and Teams/AlliancesEdit

DP is not dating anyone, and probably wont for a while. Him and GermanBrick (Nick) have been shipped on a few occasions, ranging from being the sauna coupple from Frozen, to being his Sprite in a bad Homestuck Fanfic. He is not part of any teams or alliances, but hopes to soon join one.

Base LocationsEdit

DP has one base, located at Wratih Desert, just north of Spawn. It is connected to Hell Bound Temple by underground mazes.
2014-02-08 11.03.50

DarkPotato5's Base

He used to live just north of Purplecroc2, in an igloo atop a mountain, cleverly named Freezy Peak. He has abandoned said base and its dusty halls are now owned by Purplecroc2, who plans to do something with it.


DP has a few ongoing and finished projects on the server.

Ongoing Edit

  • Giving Up

Completed Edit

  • Denny At Wraith
  • Wratih Maze
  • New Spawn Drug Cartel
  • Flappy Bird at NewSpawn (Greifed) 
  • Eevee at Spawn
  • Blowing up Wraith
  • Mining out a chunk


  • DP's Mincraft skin is Hanamura Teteru with a Phantom Of The Oprea mask.
  • He will soon be a member of some alliance.
  • DP is friends with PC in real life. He is known to accidentaly ruin her adventures unknowingly.
  • His Nickname on the server is BatataHarra, a reference to a Lebanese Dish that has yummy spiced potatos, red pepers, coriader, chili, and garlic, all fried together in olive oil.
  • DP is the reknown author of many fics, such as Spicy Mango, Increased Flavor, and Chololate Salsa.
  • DP bakes the best cupcakes.
  • He once ate 7 coxinhas in a row.
  • gurl das a booty hole