Econs311s body

Econs' current minecraft skin.

Econs is the head admin of Tumblrcrack.


Econs is the owner and one of the current admins of Tumblrcrack. He is a current member of the Buttcrack server, and a former member of the now defunct server Isle of Cake. Econs is also a known Ghostbuster and has 311 confrimed kills in the US Navy Seals as a head sniper. Econs is known for being generous and welcoming to new people, earning him the nickname Stalcons after waiting to ban the greifers.


Econs is currently dating Fe, a fellow admin of the server. He is known friends with many people from now defunct The Isle of Cake and Buttcrack servers. Econs maintains mostly positive relations with other members of the server. He is often referred to as "Sneakcons" for using the vanish command in order to a

2013-12-07 22.17.51

Econs' hole in the lake.

void people. Econs' friendly disposition makes him a joy to be around and helpful. I mean, he is the owner.

Base LocationEdit

Econs has 2 bases on Tumblrcrack. The first is his Iconic hole in the middle of spawnlake to the right of original spawn. It is characterized by the cobblestone roof and water barrier, as well as a sign proclaiming "Abandon hope all ye who enter here". 

The 2nd base is at the end of a long tunnel located in the Nether Hub. Econs uses this base to mine and scout for materials, and it is relativley underdeveloped. 


  • Econs is known to be friendly and welcoming.
  • Sometimes he pops into group skype calls, scaring the crap out of everyone in the call.
  • Econs may just be the son of God.
  • Econs once ate a garlic stuffed olive and filmed it expecting a unique reaction, which did not occur.
  • Econs wants to move to England.
  • He currently lives in Nevada, USA.