Mop3476's current skin.

Mop3476, or Mop, is an active player on the Tumblrcrack server.


what a fuckin nerd.

The story goes Mop found the server at 4 A.M. while procrastinating english homework through a post by Bug. He applied right away and joined right before minecon. After minecon, Mop and PC became friends. Mop celebrates Death milestones every once and a while when they come around.

Relationships and Teams/AlliancesEdit

2014-02-07 23.56.07

Mop's base.

Mop is currently dating Maya (Map). Mop is friends of at least Allies with almost everyone on the server. he has a mostly friendly disposition and only gets angry rarely (e.g. after leaving call for 15 minutes to derp around on the internet only to find on returning that he had missed Dinnerbone being on the server). Mop is frequent in Skype calls.


  • The Sense of Right Allience (SORA)
  • The 1,000 Death Club.
  • Team Head (Map)

Base LocationsEdit

Mop has one main base on the server, around 2048, 160. It is characterized by a gigantic sign with his logo on it, as well as an excess of Meese that were placed by Maya as a prank. A Netherack cube with a portal on the front leads to a tunnel that is his actual home. Mop has claimed his territory by placing 4 Netherack rings around it. His base is in sight of Kanarcia's tree.


  • Mop is really good at the game Countdown.
  • He is known for going without sleep often, due to being in a different timezone than most.
  • To date, Mop has the highest deathcount, by far, on the server. He rarely wears armour or eats food.
  • Mop is British, and his voice sounds similar to the Mindcracker Adlingtont. They are also both known for dying a lot and have the same first name, leading to a joke that they were both the same person.
  • Mop made his own skin, all of it is original except for the goggles, which he stole from Adlingtont's skin. The logo on the front is of the Tumblrcrack server.


Mop's Blog - This link is currently disabled because some idiot at school found the page and there's no way I'm gonna let him on the blog JAMEAS FREEMAN I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY YOU TWATBURGER