PC's current skin.

Purplecroc2, or PC is a regular member on the Tumblrcrack server.


PC is a regular member of the Tumblrcrack server, requesting whitelist 2 days after the server's creation and joining after Minecon 2013. She is the former Co owner of the long defunct minecraft server, Witchcraft. PC is one of the known members of Tumblrcrack that attended Minecon 2013. She is a known fan of AnderZEL and KurtJMac. 


PC is not dating anyone currently, though it has been mentioned that she dated Rin (The_Alley_Cat) for a while, and mentions past boyfriends. PC is known to be friendly towards most, and is friends with many of the other regulars to the server. Often times, PC will join skype calls, typically under the Alias "Number 16 Bus Shelter". It is a common joke that PC has a thing for Dinnerbone, she is sometimes on his favorites list on Snapchat.

Base Location(s)Edit

PC has 2 known main bases. The first one is her original home in a Japanese style Pagoda south

2014-01-16 19.07.55

PC's Pagoda.

 of spawn in the mountians. The base is characterised by the obvious home and several floating is lands as well as a Tree

The 2nd one is near Newspawn and Stella and Lemmy's new bases. It

is a treehouse with an accompanying Airship.


PC has many ongoing and finished projects on the current server.


  • Treehouse in the mountians.
  • Airship Island(s).
  • Giganitc Tree
  • Movienight Club HQ


  • Japanese Pagoda
  • Scott
  • TCSA HQ 


  • PC's Mincraft skin is an Owl.
  • She is a member of the Sense of Right Alliance.
  • PC is known friends of Mop. At the very beginning of the server, when nobody knew anyone, they became friends and would often hang out in calls together before they got to know the other members.
  • For a while, her nickname on the server was ~BlamePC which is a reference to the Mindcracker BlameTheController.


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