Pyro's current skin.

Pyroblade55, or Pyro, is a regular member of the Tumblrcrack server.


Pyro joined the server around the first few days of it's creation. He is around often and is the owner of the Maid Cafe.  

Relationships and Teams/AlliancesEdit

Pyro is currently dating Stella. He is also a member of the 1,000 death club and Team Kawaii Grape. Pyro has a friendly disposition and is generous, but can be spiteful at times. He currently has a friendly rivalry with Admin KittenSalad about their competeing restruants. 

Base LocationsEdit



  • Pyro's minecraft skin is himself in a Maid Costume.
  • Pyro is helping run the Tumblrcrack MSPA Fanventure alongside PC  and several others.